Git Fixup helper.

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Have you ever done your git commit and then found just one little bit that you had to change, or you found you left in a debug command?

Its a tedium to add a new commit with your fixup and then have to do an interactive rebase to squash or fixup that commit into the previous commit.   Here is a little helper that can get you to the end result quickly.

git commit --amend -C HEAD

Of course that is a pain to remember.. so make a shell alias out of it.

alias gfixup="git commit --amend -C HEAD"

In use it would look like this

git add myFileName.php
git commit -m "Adding some awesome code to myFileName.php"

// Bugger found a bit of debug code I just removed.

git add myFileName.php

//That just committed my debug removal into the previous commit without making a new commit in the log.

CAUTION:  This does rewrite history, so only use this if you are sure no one has had a chance to grab your previous commit.



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