Project Quality Evaluation

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This is a discussion page for developing a QualityAssurance process around how we internally evaluate our own work as a project moves toward completion.

See also CrossPlatform, Web Accessible and CodingStandards

Items for evaluation, check off list

  • XHTML compliance %
  • CSS compliance %
  • Accessibility tests %
  • Peer code review
    • Drupal best practices
    • Code style %
    • Security checks %
    • CivicActions standards
  • Performance profile (see ;ProfilingAndOptimizationTools)

    • Page size / theme size %
    • Backend code (mysql queries, design, etc)
  • Contributions back to Drupal
  • Broken link check %

Some of these (marked by %) have the potential for some rough-and-ready automated testing that does a 'bare-essentials' check and/or provides a numerical summary of problems found. This will help us more easily spot problem areas. This could perhaps live on a QA vserver (which, incidentally would be a good home for an automated Selenium testing environment) and could be configured to pull together reports automatically (weekly), or on request. looks like an interesting tool to look at here.


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