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Welcome to CivicActions!

CivicActions will give you a new email address like <>, but we do not host email. Rather, we will forward the email to an account of your choosing and request that you set it up so that replies to email addressed to your '' email address come from your new '' email address.

We recommend forwarding to a gmail account because of its cost (free!), flexibiltiy, availability, and spam management (perhaps the best). Some people forward to their existing gmail accounts, others set up a special civicactions gmail account, such as <>. Once you know what (perhaps newly created) account you would like your '' email forwarded to, send an email to <> asking that your email be forwarded. In the request email, please include both email addresses:

  • Your new <> email address
  • The account email that you would like it forwarded to (e.g. <>)

The following instructions are gmail specific:

Once you have received confirmation that the forward has been set up:

  • Go to your gmail account's settings (the gear in the upper right) and choose "Accounts and Import"
  • Click "Add another email address you own"
  • Add your ' email address (and leave "Treat as an alias" checked)
  • Click Next and Next again, and Send Verification
  • Check your email and complete the verification process

Now, when someone sends you an email to your '' address, the CivicActions mail server will forward it to your gmail account. When you reply, it will automagically be sent "From: Firstname Lastname <>".

If you have any questions, feel free to email support or ask your hiring or Project Manager.

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