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Getting set up

  • Trello account
  • CivicActions Organization membership

Trello terms with their Trac equivalent.

  • Board = Instance/Project
  • List = Milestone/Sprint
  • Card = Ticket
  • Label (color) = Component

Advantages (needs more writing)

  • very easy to use
  • Always "big picture" view of everything
  • 90% of its features get used, so it doesn't feel
  • Great live editing capabilities
  • Drag and drop all over the place
  • Excellent notification capabilities

Disadvantages (needs more writing)

  • Sometimes feels a little TOO easy to make changes.
  • Less time tracking capability than Trac
  • not compatibile with 7 yr old computers (i'm unsure what the constraint is --kev)
  • Not open source. It's free, but will likely become a "freemium" model.

Scrum on Trello

  • Use Lists as Sprints, and active sprint would have three or four lists:
    • Sprint X Backlog,
    • Sprint X In Progress,
    • Sprint X Testing,
    • Sprint X Done.
  • Install the Trello Scrum extension
    • This extension adds a User Point estimator (fibonacci method) to the title field (you can also just add an estimate as a numeral within parentheses, like this: (3) which would mean 3 hours.
    • The extension shows a aggregate estimate beside the list title.
    • Additionally, you can add numbers in square brackets which will show a second aggregate in the list title in a lighter blue font, conceivable used for tracking hours (or points spent). Also the extension will hide the bracketed number in the title and show a blue number in the card. (This feature is undocumented as far as i can tell. I stumbled on it by accident - dhn).

Kanban on Trello (needs more writing)

  • this is the default Board (To do / In progress / Done).
  • Very good for internal, regular tasks like Sales team, or Pod teams.


  • If you have issues moving cards around on a board, it could because you have too many cards on one list (easily happens on to-do list boards) Remember to archive cards!

Extras, Helpers, and Plugins

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