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Git Fixup helper.

Have you ever done your git commit and then found just one little bit that you had to change, or you found you left in a debug command?

Its a tedium to add a new commit with your fixup and then have to do an interactive rebase to squash or fixup that commit into the previous commit.   Here is a little helper that can get you to the end result quickly.

git commit --amend -C HEAD

Of course that is a pain to remember.. so make a shell alias out of it.

alias gfixup="git commit --amend -C HEAD"

In use it would look like this


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Setting up email forwarding

Welcome to CivicActions!

CivicActions will give you a new email address like <>, but we do not host email. Rather, we will forward the email to an account of your choosing and request that you set it up so that replies to email addressed to your '' email address come from your new '' email address.

Screen: detachable and shared command line console

Table of Contents

summary: GNU Screen is a useful tool for server maintenance.


Imagine you are working in your favorite cafe and need to relocate shortly. You're ssh logged into a server and perhaps watching a log file or in the middle of editing some configuration files. It would be great if you can log out but return exactly to what you are looking at when you log back in later. That greatness is explained on this page.